Review: PDR’s Cosecha Especial Exclusiva

This weekend I had the opportunity to try PDR’s Cosecha Especial Exclusiva cigar. This cigar uses the Entubado rolling technique, which allows you to build a more complex cigar by adding more tobacco, but rolling it in a way that you still get a great draw every time.

This cigar is a medium to full- bodied cigar (for more experienced smokers). The cigar uses a rare Olor Dominicano binder, along with Dominican Corojo, and Nicaraguan Habano filler, which is perfectly wrapped in a Corojo Ecuador wrapper. I used a guillotine cut (straight cut) for this cigar, and from the start it had a nice clean cut. Once cut the cigar lit up very nice and evenly. The initial taste had a bold, but inviting start. While smoking the Cosecha Especial it was evident that it burnt very evenly and was well balanced throughout the whole smoke.

The more I got into this cigar the more you can really see, and taste the hard work that goes into making this cigar. The body was smooth and generated a good thick smoke. It has dark rich flavors, with a peppery taste, which complemented nicely with its sweet finish. This cigar offers a complex taste with smooth and balanced smoke throughout.