The Rum Runner

About The Rum Runner

Ah the Rum Runner. A quintessential tropical cocktail, this concoction hails from Islamorada, Florida circa 1950. Created by a bartender using whatever extra ingredients he had lying around, the Rum Runner became a supremely sweet staple of warm-time weather cocktails. The Rum Runner has dozens of variations and recipes, but always features the combination of two types of rums; in our version we prefer silver and dark rum, however coconut, flavored, or spiced rum can also be used.

Rum Runner Tall.jpg


  • 1 oz. Light Rum

  • 1 oz. Dark Rum

  • 1 oz. Blackberry Liqueur

  • 1 oz. Banana Liqueur

  • 2 oz. Orange Juice

  • 2 oz. Pineapple Juice

  • Splash Grenadine

Cocktail Profile

  • Rating:        5 Stars

  • Served:      On the Rocks/Frozen

  • Strength:    Medium

  • Difficulty:    Simple

  • Flavor:        Sweet


Place all ingredients except grenadine in a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a hurricane glass or fishbowl. Add a splash of grenadine. Garnish with cherry and a pineapple wedge.


The International

About The International

Meet your new favorite cocktail. Classy yet fun, the International is a personal recipe of our resident Lead Mixologist. This cognac and vodka based cocktail is absolutely packed with flavor and delivers a smooth finish. The triple sec and elderflower liqueur mask the “bite” of the primary spirits, creating a delectable and flavor packed finish to your sip. This is one our signature recipes at Empire Mixology and we hope you enjoy it just as much as we do.



  • 2 oz. Cognac

  • 1 oz. Triple Sec

  • 1 oz. Elderflower Liqueur

  • ½ oz. Vodka

  • Lime Wedge for Garnish

  • Lemon Wedge for Garnish

Cocktail Profile

  • Rating: 5.0 Stars

  • Served: Neat

  • Strength: Medium

  • Difficulty: Simple

  • Flavor: Sweet


Add all ingredients into a mixing glass with ice. Unlike James Bond, stir this one until well chilled and strain into a martini glass.

Empire Tip: Garnish with a lemon twist or olives to your preference.


The Long Island Iced Tea

About The Long Island Iced Tea

 Disclaimer: The following recipe is not the IBA Official Long Island Iced Tea. The following recipe is a custom Empire Mixology Long Island Iced Tea that has been a family hand-down recipe from our multi-generational team of bartenders and mixologists. In contrast to the “official” recipe, the Empire recipe tones down the tequila and gin, while adding more rum. Also, a splash of rye is introduced to cut the harsh flavor of the tequila and gin and create a much smoother finish. This recipe is an Empire Mixology recipe that has never left an upset customer.



• 1 oz. Vodka

• 1¼ oz. Rum

• ¾ oz. Gin

• ¾ oz. Tequila

• 1 oz. Triple Sec

• Splash of Rye Whiskey

• 4½ oz. Sour Mix

• Splash of Coca Cola

Cocktail Profile

  • Rating: 5 Stars

  • Served: On the Rocks

  • Strength: Strong

  • Difficulty: Medium

  • Flavor: Sweet


Build ingredients in cocktail shaker with ice, except for the coca cola. Gently shake a few times to chill ingredients. Pour with ice into highball or pint glass. Add splash of coke and stir gently. Add lemon wedge and cherry as garnish. The color should be pale brown, similar to iced tea. If the drink is too dark then too much coke has been added.


The Dragonfruit Mojito

About The Dragonfruit Mojito

So it’s been almost two years, so we figured why not update one of our former signature classics. Ladies and gentlemen meet the Dragonfruit Mojito. This beautiful just in time for summer cocktail is as pleasing in flavor as it is in appearance. This exotic cocktail derives its name from its signature ingredient; Dragonfruit aka Pitaya. Combining the looks and name of the dragonfruit with the classic fan favorite Mojito recipe, creates an astounding and unique concoction. The dragonfruit actually absorbs the spirit the longer it sits, and by using the skin of the fruit in the muddling process we’re able to get that perfect pink fade at the bottom. Our Mixologists were excited to recreate one of our oldest and greatest recipes. Try it out and tell us what you think!



  • 1 Dragon Fruit

  • 2 Lime Wedges

  • 2 Lime Wheels

  • 7-8 Mint Leaves

  • 2.5 oz. Silver Rum

  • 1 oz. Simple Syrup

  • Lemon-Lime Soda

Cocktail Profile

  • Rating:       4.5 Stars

  • Served:      On the Rocks

  • Strength:    Light

  • Difficulty:   Complex

  • Flavor:       Sweet

Empire Tip: Don’t like all the floating chunks of dragon fruit? Strain the muddled dragon fruit, lime, and mint before pouring into the drinking glass.


Halve dragon fruit and cut one of the halves into six or seven thin slices. Separate the flesh from the skin of three slices and add into building glass. Cut the exterior skin (leafy part) from the inner skin and add the inner skin into the glass as well.

Add four mint leaves, a lime wedge, and the simple syrup. Muddle.

In the serving glass, use a melon baller on the remaining halve of dragon fruit and add three balls of dragon fruit into the glass along with a lime wheel. Then pour the muddled ingredients from the building glass into the serving glass.

Add crushed ice until glass is 2/3 full. Add a lime wedge, remaining mint leaves, and additional dragon fruit balls until full.

Add 2.5 oz. of Silver Rum or more depending on your preference, and then top with lemon-lime soda. Garnish with lime wheel and extra mint if desired and serve with a straw.


The Cidertini

About The Cidertini

Introducing the great fall cocktail. Fall includes some of our favorite flavors like cinnamon, apples, pumpkin and more. So why not celebrate in style with a delicious apple flavored martini? But not just a simple appletini will do, why not give the Cidertini a shot instead.



  • 1.5 oz. Caramel Vodka

  • 0.5 oz. Apple Brandy

  • 3 oz. Apple Cider

  • Pinch of Cinnamon

  • Apple Slice, Cinnamon Stick, Brown Sugar for garnish.

Cocktail Profile

  • Rating:        5 Stars

  • Served:      Cocktail Glass

  • Strength:    Medium

  • Difficulty:    Medium

  • Flavor:        Spiced


Place all ingredients except cinnamon and garnishes in a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled sugar and cinnamon rimmed martini glass. Garnish with a dash of cinnamon, an apple slice, and a cinnamon stick.


The Corona Bomb

About The Corona Bomb

We here at Empire Mixology love Corona, and the classic way to enjoy a Corona Extra Cerveza is with a lime wedge. However, we consider this a bit of an upgrade and a way to add an extra punch to your afternoon. As our first Depth Charge recipe, we hope you enjoy this as much as we did.



  • 1 Corona Extra Cerveza

  • 1 oz. Bacardi Limon Rum

Cocktail Profile

  • Rating:       3.5 Stars

  • Served:      Depth Charge

  • Strength:   Medium

  • Difficulty: Simple

  • Flavor:       Citrus


Fill a highball with Corona and drop the shot into the highball, chug (responsibly) accordingly.

Alternately, you can avoid the depth charge option by pouring the shot into a bottle of Corona directly and then thumbing the bottle and turning it over.

Empire Tip: Use a lime wedge for garnish and/or as a finish.


The Mike's Full Moon

About The Mike’s Full Moon

We went back to the Mixology Lab to re-create one of our crowd favorites. The Mike’s Full Moon is a beer cocktail combining two of the best out there; Mike’s Hard Lemonade© and Blue Moon Beer®. This cocktail essentially creates a shandy that is light and crisp and packs a great citrus flavor. This is an easy-pleaser recipe. Takes no time to make and can turn even the non-beer drinkers into fans.



  • 1/2 Bottle Mike’s Hard Lemonade©

  • 1/2 Bottle of Blue Moon®

  • 1 Orange Wheel for Garnish

Cocktail Profile

  • Rating:        4 Stars

  • Served:        Neat

  • Strength:     Light

  • Difficulty:   Simple

  • Flavor:        Citrus


Combine all ingredients in a glass and stir gently. Add the orange slice for garnish and enjoy.

Empire Tip: Make sure you garnish with the orange wheel, it’s what helps make this drink so flavorful.