Gym? I thought you said Gin.

An eternal debate in mixology is this: is a Martini made with gin or vodka? The answer is gin, unless you’re a heathen. We’re kidding (not really), but the truth is both spirits are actually quite similar. Both spirits are distilled in the same manner except for the fact that gin is then blended with various botanicals such as juniper. These blending additions is what makes a particular blend or brand of gin to have a distinct flavor. The flavor of gin can typically be described using terms like floral, woodsy, pine, or pleasant. Gin is currently enjoying a craft spirit explosion and as such the various categories of gin are being changed. Empire Mixology recognizes the following varieties of gin:

  • London Dry is the name of a traditionally dry (not sweet) kind of gin usually distilled in the United Kingdom.

  • Plymouth Gin must be made in Plymouth, England, and tends to be earthier in flavor profile due to more roots in the mixture of flavoring botanicals.

  • Old Tom gin is a resurrection of an old style that’s historically a little sweeter.

  • Navy Strength gin is characterized by an exceptionally high proof—57% ABV and above.

Gin Recipes

“You’d learn more about the world by lying on the couch and drinking gin out of a bottle than by watching the news.”
— Garrison Keillor