Wine is the answer. But what was the question?

From thousands of years B.C. to your dining room wine rack, wine has survived and thrived through the ages. Humanity’s favorite beverage it thought to have made its first appearance as early as 7000BC. Wine is a diverse field of spirits culture, with popular variations in the categories of reds, whites, rosés, fruits, meads, and grain wines (rice wines). Wine has absolutely transcended in our society as a beverage. It is a religious symbol, a national identity, and a culture all its own. Wine is designed and is perfectly suited to be enjoyed alone as it is, but here at Empire Mixology we do our best to include this storied and mystical beverage in our creations to elevate the cocktail game and combine the worlds of wine and spirits.

Wine Recipes

“We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine.”
— Eduardo Galeano