Consulting Services

Empire Mixology offers a wide range of beverage consulting services to take your program to the next level. Our expert team and Mixologists will create a custom plan for success that meets your needs and your vision. Our team will help expand profits and maintain efficiency while maintaining ideals of professionalism and luxury for your customers and guests.

menu design & general consulting services

  • Innovative & Classic Cocktail Directory

  • Recipe Manual with Photos and Instructions

  • Original and Unique Cocktail Construction

  • Menu Construction & Layout

  • Signature Cocktail Creation & Consultation

  • Promotions and Marketing

staff training & spirits education

  • Spirits and Mixology Training

  • Dining Beverage Service Standards

  • Creative Cocktail Construction and Technique

  • Bar Tools Education and Identification

  • Identification of Classics, Contemporary, and Modern Cocktails

bar layout and design

  • New Construction Consulting

  • Redesign & Remodel Consulting

  • Redefined Spirits Inventory and Visual Positioning

  • New Bar Equipment/Tools

Special events

  • Corporate Functions / Special Occasions

  • Private Cocktail / Dinner Parties

  • Weddings

Brand Representation

There’s no audience quite like the Empire Mixology audience.

Empire Mixology always strives to work with the best brands and companies in the field. We have a long standing tradition of helping propel the newest brands and products; whether it be spirits or beer; or tools or ideas. Reaching new markets and new demographics means increased exposure and long term revenue. Our Mixologists and Sociologists are experts in this area. Put your brand or product in the hands of our experts and enthusiasts and we’ll make sure our amazing and loyal readers see what you have to offer!

What we do:

We take your product, your images, your recipes and display them across our social media networks and in person if desired. Additionally, we take our own photos, videos and recipes for your product and promote as much as possible. We maintain the aspects of integrity and professionalism in every facet of our work.

What we need:

We need the brand information, any hi-res images, promotional marketing campaigns (i.e. hashtags, etc.), specific recipes, and we request a sample or full-size of the product for testing and photography purposes.

Need more?:

We are happy to negotiate a more in-person brand representation if you desire to allow your brand to get even more exposure. This would involve us physically displaying your product in person, and promoting its sales. Our consulting & brand representation teams are ready and willing to discuss terms and costs to fit your budget!

How We do it:

We have a vast array of social networks with followers numbering in the thousands. Allow us to take your brand and introduce a whole new crowd to it. We do online promotions and in-person if desired by the brand. We are not afraid to be your representative and walk into however many establishments or events it takes to see you succeed.

how much does it cost?:

The best part? We don’t charge for simple cross-promotions. Your exposure is our exposure and we’re happy to help. Our social media fronts are available for your benefit. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the business and some of the newest. Our represented brands include:

Blade and Bow™ - Bulleit™ -Captain Morgan™ -Castello del Poggio™ - Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey™ - Drapo Vermouth™ - G'Vine Gin™ - The Lost Distillery Company™ - Purus Vodka™ - Smirnoff™

Live Events

Empire Mixology will gladly come in person to your event or showcase if desired. We love being part of the spirits, wine, and beer scene; and we would absolutely love the opportunity to help expand that culture to more people.

Contact us today to book Empire Mixology to make an appearance at your event! Whether its us helping out in the prep-work or planning; or covering the event for our online magazine, we’re eager to be a part of it all.