Cigar Lounge: Not All Cigars Are Created Equal

Having trouble finding the “right cigar”? When choosing a type of cigar to smoke there are three characteristics you should be aware of in order to find the one that suits your palate.With that said not all cigars are created equal. The three elements of a cigar that one should be familiar with are body, flavor, and strength. Cigars can either be described as full, medium, or mild. Usually the darker the wrap the fuller, or (stronger it is).

BODY: Refers to the strength of the cigar, or the way it feels on your palate. In other words the fuller the cigar the heavier it will feel in your mouth.  When smoking a cigar our senses are used. When referring to the body of a cigar I am explaining the different effects the tobacco components have on the nose and the mouth. For example I have had cigars that were smooth on the palate, and also ones that had a bite to them.


FLAVOR: This is whatever you, the cigar-goer, is looking for. The flavor of the cigar goes back to the body of the cigar. (Full, Medium, Mild) the darker usually means the fuller it is, and the lighter wrapped cigars are on the mild side. The more flavor, the fuller the cigar. If you’re smoking a cigar and it doesn’t have distinct flavors it is probably on the light or mild side.


STRENGTH: Have you ever smoked a cigar and when you stand up you feel light headed? Well when referring to the strength of a cigar, the way it makes you feel would be a good indication of how strong it is. The different tobacco used determines the strength of a cigar. Every experience is different, and that is why I said not all cigars are created equal.


So next time when choosing a cigar or deciding to smoke one you don’t know if you’ll even like, first look at the wrapping is it dark? Is it light? That right there can tell you a lot about the kind of cigar you might be lighting up. For me I like the darker or fuller cigars. They just have more flavor. Next time while enjoying a cigar focus on the three characteristics mentioned above. Focus on how it feels when the cigar touches your mouth and how the smoke effects your senses.