The Smoking Jacket

Cigar smoking is a ritualistic affair for most enthusiasts; combining thought and attention to detail that cigarettes and (shudder) vaping just don’t seem to require. Whereas cigarette smokers will consistently burn through multiple packs a week, cigars are more of a fashionable accessory and private hobby for users. It’s important to have the right setting, ambiance, and of course the right equipment.

Naturally a true enthusiast will own a humidor, fine leather case, and a cutter (Punch, V Cut, Straight, etc.); there’s one accessory that’s fallen to the wayside in recent years, and hopefully won’t disappear altogether. The smoking jacket for men trend has all but vanished.

The traditional design was introduced in the mid to late 1800s, and consists of a mid-thigh or slightly shorter length coat made from either fine silk or velevt, or a mixture of both materials. The classic look has a shawl collar and turn up cuffs, toggle fastenings, and typically a tie belt. It’s a perfect combination of elegance and class that gentlemen from any era can enjoy.

The jackets are intended to absorb the smoke from the wearer’s cigars, taking on a musty yet masculine scent. The jackets were at one time considered to be synonymous with comfort and were a routine part of the stogie aficionados’ day. Legendary figures such as Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra, and even Hugh Hefner were huge proponents of this fashion trend.

Vintage shops and online marketplaces are some of the best places to find used jackets with the vintage and classical look, but we at Empire Mixology always focus on the individuality of the user; thusly, we recommend getting your own smoking jacket unique to your desires and tastes. Why not have a personable jacket designed to absorb your terrific tastes in cigars.