The Jägerbomb

About The Jägerbomb

If the early 2000s had a signature cocktail; it would be this one. Drinker beware, the upper effects of the energy drink and the downer effects of the Jägermeister can have quick effects on those sensitive to either or both ingredients. Overall, this cocktail is a new age classic and can be enjoyed in moderation.



  • 1.5 oz. Jägermeister

  • 1 pint of Red Bull

Cocktail Profile

  • Rating:       4.0 Stars

  • Served:      Neat

  • Strength:  Medium

  • Difficulty:  Simple

  • Flavor:       Spirit


Pour the Jägermeister into a shot glass. Fill a pint glass with Red Bull and then drop the shot of Jager into the pint glass (shot glass too!). Drink the contents quickly, yet responsibly.