Review: The Edge A-10

About the Edge A-10

If you’re looking for a cigar that packs a punch but doesn’t break the bank, look no further. The Edge A-10 cigar is one of the best cigars I’ve had in a long time.  This barber pole wrapped masterpiece will catch your eye in any store. It is put together very well, using both Corojo and Maduro leaf for the wrapping, which is wrapped tight and neat. The Edge A-10 is a medium full-bodied cigar that encompasses sweet and spicy undertones with a dry finish. (THIS IS A MANS CIGAR). It uses filtered tobaccos from Honduras and Nicaragua. The Edge A-10 by Rocky Patel comes in Gordo (6”x60), and Toro (6”x52).


I was very excited to finally get the chance to smoke the Edge A-10. While smoking it I noticed the draw was smooth and the burn was great. It doesn’t burn fast, so it is a great cigar to sit down with a drink of choice and just relax. The cigar lasted me about 50 min. and is packed with flavor from start to finish. I am not a fan of over the top huge cigars, so the Edge A-10 was just right. Measuring in at 6 inches it doesn’t over due or undercut the cigar experience. It’s simply just right. I used a V-Cut, which really concentrated the flavors and made the experience very enjoyable. I prefer using the V-Cut because for me it keeps the cigar neat and clean as you’re smoking it. I have used other cutters such as the straight cut, which is fine for thinner cigars.  I was recommended this cigar and I will recommend it as well.  This cigar is a must try!

(Not recommended for first time cigar smokers)

Cigar Profile:

  • Brand: Rocky Patel Cigars

  • Strength: Medium-Full

  • Shapes: Toro, Gordo

  • Wrapper: Corojo, Maduro

  • Origin:Honduras

  • Pressed:   No

  • Flavored: No

  • Filler: Nicaraguan, Panamanian

  • Binder: Honduran

  • Flavor notes: Sweet spice, hint of black pepper, earthy