#CrownYourGameDay Tomorrow with Crown Royal Regal Apple

Tomorrow’s the big game and it’s time to #CrownYourGameDay with Crown Royal. Earlier this week we brought you the Wicked Hot Toddy featuring Crown Royal Vanilla. It’s a wicked awesome cocktail sure to keep you New England fans warm in this mid-winter freeze, however like the rest of the country not living in New England (or New Orleans), we have to highlight the Rams here this year. So today, we bring to you the L.A. Crownberry Apple Cocktail.

Crown Royal wants to make sure your tailgate, viewing party, or just the privacy of your living room is at peak performance for the big game. We’re proud to showcase both cocktails for you an your guests to enjoy. So meet the:


L.A. Crownberry Apple.jpg


  • 1.5 oz. Crown Royal Regal Apple

  • Cranberry Juice


  • Mix 1.5 oz Crown Royal Apple into glass.

  • Fill to the top with cranberry juice.

This season Crown Royal kicked off its largest-ever responsible drinking campaign, the Crown Royal Water Break, to encourage fans to drink responsibly and hydrate moderately on game day. Whether you’re watching this year’s matchup at a bar, in the stands or at home, make sure the whole squad participates in a water break between celebrations to stay hydrated and stay in the game.