The Corona Bomb

About The Corona Bomb

We here at Empire Mixology love Corona, and the classic way to enjoy a Corona Extra Cerveza is with a lime wedge. However, we consider this a bit of an upgrade and a way to add an extra punch to your afternoon. As our first Depth Charge recipe, we hope you enjoy this as much as we did.



  • 1 Corona Extra Cerveza

  • 1 oz. Bacardi Limon Rum

Cocktail Profile

  • Rating:       3.5 Stars

  • Served:      Depth Charge

  • Strength:   Medium

  • Difficulty: Simple

  • Flavor:       Citrus


Fill a highball with Corona and drop the shot into the highball, chug (responsibly) accordingly.

Alternately, you can avoid the depth charge option by pouring the shot into a bottle of Corona directly and then thumbing the bottle and turning it over.

Empire Tip: Use a lime wedge for garnish and/or as a finish.