The Screwdriver

About the Screwdriver


One of the simplest cocktails on the IBA Official List; the Screwdriver is a common breakfast drink and is base cocktail for many tropical and island-based drinks. The acidic qualities of the Orange Juice help hide the Vodka taste.

Ingredients in the Screwdriver

  • 1 part Vodka
  • 2 parts Orange Juice
  • 1 Orange Wedge/Wheel for garnish

How to Make the Screwdriver

Pour vodka into highball glass with ice. Pour orange juice into glass and stir until well chilled. Garnish with orange wedge/wheel.

Cocktail Profile

  • Rating:       4.0 Stars
  • Served:      On the Rocks
  • Strength:  Light
  • Difficulty: Simple
  • Flavor:       Citrus

Featured photo by Larry