Introducing Jack-O’Blast #BOOm

The season of Pumpkin Spice is upon us, so rum lovers and pumpkin fanatics, get those glasses ready! Prepare yourself for an epic fall season as Captain Morgan raises the game with Captain Morgan Jack-O’Blast Limited Edition Pumpkin Spiced Rum. Having already revolutionized the shots category last year with Cannon Blast, the Captain gives us the first ever pumpkin spiced rum to hit the shelves.

We were so excited to help be a part of this launch for the fall season. There’s no better way to celebrate fall and Halloween than with a chilled Jack-O’Blast shot. The blend of the well-known Caribbean flavor along with pumpkin, cinnamon, and other autumnal spices creates an insanely delicious shot. As much as we enjoyed the tropical flavors of summer, it’s time to make room on the shelves for this bottle.


Linda Bethea, Vice President of Captain Morgan says:

“Captain Morgan Jack-O’Blast is a must-have for responsible adult consumers during their favorite seasonal activities, whether it’s at football tailgates, Halloween parties or backyard bonfires with friends.”

We agree with Linda, because not only is Jack-O’Blast a great choice in the shot category, it mixes well also. Throughout the upcoming weeks in the fall season, we’re going to feature recipes and reviews of cocktails using the Captain’s new flavor.

The Captain Morgan Rum Company and Empire Mixology agree, we don’t need a pumpkin shortage so please sip this new flavor in moderation. To learn more about Captain Morgan and their products visit them on social media; Instagram (@CaptainMorganUSA), Twitter (@CaptainMorganUS) and like them on Facebook (@CaptainMorganUSA).

Oh and a tip, check the bottle out under a black light; you might like what you see…..