Empire Mixology is an online collaborative digital publication dedicated to great drinking, skill enhancement, and lifestyle articles. There’s more to bartending than mixing drinks, pouring beers, and collecting cash. There’s a method to the madness and a study to the science. Mixology is the in-depth look at creating and mixing drinks in a professional and social setting. The right drink at the right time with the best ingredients, the biggest names in the scene, and the places changing the game; that’s what we are all about.

Empire Mixology started out as a personal project by a third generation mixologist who aimed to advance his own craft and share his knowledge, however the Empire Mixology experts and enthusiasts have made this project into something so much more. The Empire network has expanded to include spirits experts, mixologists, barmasters, photographers, and lifestyle article specialists.

It’s a good time to be a drinker these days. There are countless spirits to choose from ranging from global brands to local craft spirits. It’s becoming harder and harder to choose your next beverage and stay up to date on the latest. Empire Mixology is your personal assistant for that. We tell you what’s in and what’s out, where the best drink is, and how to make your hobby into a refined craft.

We want to educate, entertain, and inspire our readers ranging from the established experts to the basement mixologists out there. There’s so much to learn about spirits, wines, beers, recipes, trends, and more; and we want to be always be there for our readers. We go beyond the bar to show you the latest in entertainment and lifestyle choices as well.

Stay with us, take a sip and spend a while. We promise you’ll be impressed, remember to #DrinkUp and #DrinkResponsibly, and always #LiveTheNight.