As PRIDE month continues, all over the country, people are showing their Pride at festivals, parades and so much more! With endless celebrations throughout the month, there’s no better way to enjoy all the fun than with a few delicious, Pride inspired cocktails.

The special edition Smirnoff “Love Wins” bottles provide the perfect splash of fun to include alongside cocktails. The 2018 bottles feature 34 real couples from around the United States and Smirnoff donating $1 per bottle made to the Human Rights Campaign. And the smooth, award-wining taste and quality of Smirnoff No.21 inside each bottle is the perfect base for any (e)quality cocktail.

Though the cocktail possibilities are infinite, we wanted to share a few of our faves that include Smirnoff and Smirnoff ICE! See below for some colorful, Insta-ready recipes that will add an extra flare to any and all plans for Pride this month.

The Pride Rainbow Slushie


6 packets flavored drink powder (in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)

9 cups ice cubes

¼ cup sugar

3 oz Smirnoff No. 21 Love Wins Vodka



In a small bowl, add 1 teaspoons of the red colored powder. Repeat with each colored powder, using a separate bowl for each color. Add the ice to a large, high-powered blender, followed by the sugar and Smirnoff Vodka. Blend until a slush forms, then spoon out equal portions into the bowls with the colored powder. Stir each bowl gently, but quickly, then spoon into glasses to form a rainbow and enjoy responsibly!

The Love Wins Cocktail


1.5 oz. SMIRNOFF “Love Wins” Vodka

0.75 oz. Simple Syrup

0.75 oz. Lemon Juice

Dash of Club Soda

Strawberries Garnish



Combine SMIRNOFF with simple syrup and lemon juice. Top with club soda, garnish with strawberries in a copper mug.


Blue Lagoon


2 oz. blueberry puree

1 (11.2 oz.) bottle SMIRNOFF ICE Red, White & Berry

4 oz. pineapple juice


Fill two tall glasses with ice, then divide the blueberry puree between the two. Divide the Smirnoff ICE between the two glasses, then top with the pineapple juice. Stir gently to combine, garnish with fresh blueberries and enjoy.


Pucker Up Pineapple


1 (11.2 oz.) bottle SMIRNOFF ICE Green Apple

4 oz. fresh pineapple juice

2 tablespoons fresh lime juice


Fill two tall glasses with ice, then divide the SMIRNOFF ICE between the two. Divide the pineapple juice between the two cocktails, then top with the lime juice, stir gently, and enjoy!