National Rum Day 2017

It’s National Rum Day on August 16, 2017 folks; and we expect you to celebrate accordingly. Empire Mixology is proud to work with Captain Morgan© to present the best cocktails and the best way to “Live Like a Captain.” So get off the couch. Take life by the mechanical bull horns. Go make fun where there’s no fun to be had in true pirate spirit. Check out the following recipes from the private Captain’s chest itself and remember to enjoy responsibly.

The Morgan Mule

The Morgan Mule came around in 2017 as a Kentucky Derby Cocktail. Find the recipe for this cocktail here. Its crisp taste and always smooth finish makes for a refreshing choice to spend this year’s Rum Day! An instant classic that’s been exploding on the bar scene in the last few years, we recommend following the typical Moscow Mule recipe and using ginger beer, but ginger ale is a perfectly fine substitute.

RECIPE: The Morgan Mule

The Morgan Mule Jello Shot

Didn’t get enough Morgan Mule did you? Try the Morgan Mule Jello Shot! Find the recipe for this cocktail here. See we debuted the Morgan Mule back at the Kentucky Derby, so how about we give you an update with this fun summer recipe. Enjoy National Rum Day in style and impress your summer BBQ friends with this visually and palate pleasing recipe.

RECIPE: The Morgan Mule Jello Shot

The Morgan Miami Vice

Have fun this summer with the Morgan Miami Vice. Find the recipe for this cocktail here. Take a chance for some adult fruity fun for this year’s annual Rum Day!  Using Captain Morgan White Rum and the still new Captain Morgan LocoNut, this frozen treat combines powerful coconut flavors with sweet strawberry to make the best adult freeze pop imaginable. Celebrate Rum Day and the rest of the summer everyday with the Morgan Miami Vice!

RECIPE: The Morgan Miami Vice

The Loco & Coco

Stay cool with the Loco & Coco. Find the recipe for this cocktail here. So maybe the Morgan Mule and the Miami Vice aren’t your thing. (Fine we get it, but not really). Try this simple, cool, and refreshing cocktail on for size. Combining flavorful Coconut Water with Captain Morgan LocoNut, this tantalizing concoction is sure to please the tastebuds. Maybe even try blending this one with crushed ice? (Empire Tip)

RECIPE: The Loco & Coco

RUM DAY 2017

Presented by Captain Morgan©