Lost Distillery: Lossit Review


In the last century, nearly half of Scotch whisky distilleries were forced to close due to economic pressure, prohibition and competing corporate globalization. Established in 2012, The Lost Distillery Company is a boutique Scotch producer dedicated to creating handcrafted whiskies inspired by and based on blends from long-forgotten distilleries.


The Lost Distillery Company marries 5 to 10 single malt whiskies from different distilleries throughout Scotland. It does not chill filter – just like the old days. To craft a modern interpretation of the closed distilleries’ long-lost whiskies, 10 components are analyzed: era, locality, water, barley, yeast, peat, mash tun, wash back, still and wood.


Founded in 1817 by Malcolm MacNeil, the Lossit Distillery was the biggest producer of whisky on Islay and was part of the transformation of Islay’s reputation from an outpost of smugglers to a leading force in the whisky industry. Despite Lossit’s success, the 1850s brought a rise of big blending firms that changed the palate of drinkers and left little demand for pure malt whiskies. The distillery was small, secluded and limited which was a hindrance after distillation became legal and ultimately led to its closure in 1867.

Tasting Notes

The nose starts with soft smoke, pear drops, and lemon and develops into smoked ham with toasted oak. The palate is medium-bodied and slightly spicy with flavors of smoke, malt, vanilla and ginger. The finish is warming and long with lingering notes of smoke and pears.


The Lost Distillery Company Classic Selection Lossit is available in a 750ml/SRP $43. The Lost Distillery Company Classic Selection range also includes Benachie (SRP $43) and Towiemore (SRP $43). The Lost Distillery Company is imported by Espiritus Group and is available nationally. For more information about The Lost Distillery Company please visit: lost-distillery.com. Join the conversation and follow /LostDistillery on Facebook, @LostDistillery on Twitter and @TheLostDistilleryCompany on Instagram.