Meet The Lost Distillery Company

In the last century, nearly half of Scotch whisky distilleries were forced to close due to economic pressure, the prohibition of the 1920s and competing globalization. Established in 2012, The Lost Distillery Company is a boutique Scotch producer dedicated to creating handcrafted whiskies inspired by and based on blends from long-forgotten distilleries.

Founders Brian Woods and Scott Watson teamed with renowned archivist and Scotch whisky historian, Professor Michael Moss of the University of Glasgow, and their in-house archivist to bring whiskies back to life. Nine months of research is dedicated to reincarnate each whisky. The foundation of each rediscovered whisky is comprised of archives, historical records, and the analysis of the four most critical components: water source, peat, still and wood. The other key components that influence and define the original character includes era, locality, barley, yeast, mash tun and wash back.

The Lost Distillery Company marries 5 to 10 single malt whiskies from different distilleries throughout Scotland to craft a modern interpretation of the closed distilleries’ long-lost whiskies. Each whisky is aged up to 12 years and showcases a unique and diverse range of malt whisky from all five of the whisky producing regions of Scotland; Highland, Speyside, Lowland, Campbeltown and Islay.

The Lost Distillery Company bottles bear a Triskele, the symbol of reincarnation, which represents the company’s incorporation of three core ingredients of the whisky making process: the barre staves, the water drops and the barley ears. The bottles also detail the whisky distillery’s founder, historical location, date opened and closed, the reason for closing and tasting notes.

The Lost Distillery Company scotch whiskies are available in 750-ml expressions: Benachie Classic Selection (SRP $43), Lossit Classic Selection (SRP $43) and Towiemore Classic Selection (SRP $43). The Lost Distillery Company is imported by Espiritus Group and is available nationally.

In 2016, the Towiemore Classic Selection was awarded Gold in the Blended Malt Scotch Whisky category at the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Competition. At The Drink Business’ Global Scotch Whisky Masters 2016 competition, the Lossit Classic Selection was the only blended malt with no age statement to earn a Master medal. In addition, Wine Enthusiast reviewed the Benachie and Towiemore Classic Selection and awarded each with a score of 92.

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